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1 By acquiring the ticket the visitor acknowledges these regulations. The ticket has to be kept until leaving the zoo. It has to be shown to the staff if controlled.
The instructions of the staff have to be obeyed.

2 It is not allowed to cross cordons. It is not allowed to sit on the cordons in the matter of your own safety. It is not allowed to leave the official ways. Only after allowance by the director it is allowed to visit ways and areas of work and stables.

3 It is not allowed to bother and tease the animals. It is allowed to feed the ducks, ponies, donkeys, moufflons, fallow deer, llamas, and goats. Only food which was bought in the zoo may be fed. Our animals can cope only with this food. It is not allowed to feed any of the other animal species.

4 The zoo is a place for recreation. It is not allowed to use radios. Drunken people are not allowed to visit the zoo.

5 Dogs are permitted. They have to be held on a short leash. An adult has to keep the dog. It is not allowed to let the dog bark and thus worry our animals and other visitors. It is not allowed to enter the following areas: playground, children´s zoo, the walk-through enclosures of the lemurs, fallow deer, the Barbary macaques as well as the animal buildings. The zoo does not incur liability for the dogs. The owner of the dog incurs for the damage the dog has caused. It is not allowed to take other kind of animals into the zoo.

6 To keep things clean and tidy is self-evident. Visitors are obliged to use the trashcans.

7 Smoking is only allowed at the entrance and at the take-away. The restaurant is a non-smoker area.

8 Parents are obliged to take care of their children. They may be incurred for the damage their children have caused. This also applies for the head of children groups and school classes. Children under the age of 8 have to be accompanied by an adult.

9 It is allowed to take photos and make films for private use. It is not allowed to tease animals hereby. Taking pictures for commercial use and for publication, respectively, have to be permitted by the director.

10 The opening hours and the admittance fee are shown at the entrance. The visitors are obliged to leave the zoo until closing.

11 Acting against these regulations may lead to expel the visitor from the zoo.

The director

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