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In Szczecin, on December 13/14, 2010 the common committee approved the German-Polish project "Modellvorhaben Pomerania – Erlebnisnetzwerk".


Tierpark Ueckermünde e.V.

Partner in the project:

  • Forstamt Kliniska
  • Gemeinde Przelewice / Dendrologischer Garten Przelewice
  • Wildpark Schorfheide gGmbH
  • Stadt Eberswalde / Zoo Eberswalde
  • Förderverein Natur- und Leben am Stettiner Haff e.V.
  • Gemeinde Police
  • Stadt Ueckermünde / Haffmuseum Ueckermünde
  • Schloss der Pommerschen Herzöge Stettin

Short description:

The touristic players of the Euroregion Pomerania are linking in a network. The partners of the network will organize their marketing actions and will concentrate on information of touristic offers. Visitors and inhabitants of the region, independent from age and interests, will be directed to the conservation of nature by communication of information all year round. Multimedia guides, adventure paths, exhibitions, environmental education elements as well the internet will be used to actively explore the region. The aim is to extend the residence in the euroregion Pomerania all year round. The result will be the further grow-together of the region.


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