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Environmental education and history

Interreg IV a 

  • Zalesie – cross-border environmental center for education
  • Eggesin – Barge skipper center
  • Ueckermünde Zoo – Flamingo enclosure, Lagoon aquarium, wolf enclosure, European turtle pond

Lagoon aquarium is already open! Cofinanced by the European Union (European Fund for Regional Development)

Ueckermünde Zoo had applied for support by the program target 3 “Europäische Zusammenarbeit” (European cooperation) – “Grenzübergreifende Zusammenarbeit” (crossborder cooperation) of the countries Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Brandenburg and the Republic Poland (Wojewodschaft Zachodniopomorskie) 2007 – 2013.

On August 8, 2009 the committee approved of the common German-Polish project “Leben am Stettiner Haff und in der Ueckermünder Heide, Umweltbildung und Geschichte” (Life at the Szczecin Lagoon and the Ueckermünde Heath Environmental education and history)


  • Tierpark Ueckermünde e.V.

Partners in the project:

  • Stadt Eggesin
  • Gemeinde Police

Short description:

The construction of a common German-Polish Center for Environmental Education with locations in Zalesie, Eggesin and in Ueckermünde Zoo is on the agenda of the common project of the community of Police, Ueckermünde Zoo, and Eggesin. Topics of environmental education, the formation of the landscape during ice ages, culture and history as well as the protection of species and nature are dealt with, the cooperation is supported and tourism is developed.

Flamingo enclosure

The project started in Ueckermünde Zoo by building the flamingo enclosure. In June 2011 already the new flamingo enclosure was assembled. Many guests took part at the opening and admired the new enclosure.

Haff-Aquarium (Lagoon aquarium)


Since August 11, 2012 the new Lagoon aquarium is open for the public. Five aquaria with European perch, Wels catfish, Northern pike, Common rudd, Maraena whitefish as well as a petting tank with carps (especially popular with children) can be seen.

The biggest tank has a volume of 9000 liters. There the maraena whitefish is kept.

Lagoon aquarium: part of the project “Leben am Stettiner Haff und in der Ueckermünder Heide, Umweltbildung und Geschichte”

sponsored by INTERREG IVA

Basis of the new building: demolition of the old building: Fa. Jesse, Eggesin

During the demolition a time capsule of the year 1962 was discovered. There were old coins, an example of the newspaper “Freie Erde” and a paper of Waldemar Scholze, the former director, signed on November 5, 1961 describing the career of the building of the “Brehm House”. A new time capsule was lowered.

After tremendous work for the ground, the new building was constructed since December 16, 2011.

Logistic challenges were the way for the 40 t low-loading vehicle and the mobile crane within 4 hours, already all 6 parts of the walls of the new aquarium were placed. There was no good weather all the time.

Winter started early in December 2011. Work was very difficult due to minus 25 degree.

The building with an area von 250 m2 was constructed of local raw material, constructed in the production halls of the company HOKO in Ueckermünde. Wood of local forests was transported by transport companies. OSB and MDF plates were constructed which were used for the walls.

The construction managers A&S from Neubrandenburg coordinated the process, they were accompanied by electro planning company Mr. Schade as well as planning of heating, air conditioning, sanitary company “Walter and Partner”, represented by Mr. Benecke.

Company Jesse, company Hafftrans, company HOKO, company Rickelt, company Kühn, company Ritzrow were the construction companies. The aquaria were delivered by Company Spranger from Plauen. The big aquaria were constructed by a special company in England.

The opening of the new aquarium with various fish species of the Szczecin lagoon took place at the 50th anniversary of Ueckermünde Zoo (August 11, 2012).

Wolf enclosure

More work within the project is done in Ueckermünde Zoo. In the outer space of the Zoo, after many trees had been hacked down, earthwork, concrete work, and brickwork was done for the new construction of the castle ruin, the tunnel, and the wolf enclosure. Until winter 2012, this work was finished. In April 2013, the work at the outer enclosure was continued. The work for the fence was finished. All electrical fences were finished. The highlight is a small playground for our young zoo visitors. There is also much information on the biology of the wolf. Charts in the tunnel inform about the topic “wolf” and other animals living in the woods.

Wolf im Tierpark Ueckermünde

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